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The Molecular Microspectroscopy Laboratory is a distinct unit of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Miami University. Established in January 1985, the facility provides state-of-the-art molecular microspectroscopy instrumentation for joint ventures between industrial and academic laboratories.

The principal methods employed include infrared microanalysis and Raman microanalysis. Each method is ideal for contaminant identification or materials characterization. Through a collaboration with the Center for Advanced Microscopy and Imaging at Miami University, we also have access to scanning electron microscopes that possess elemental analysis capabilities. We can routinely analyze samples or particulates that are 10 micrometers in diameter. Smaller samples can be investigated but may require longer lead times.

Using the MML

There are two modes in which outside scientist can use the MML. The first and most common method is contract services using a purchase order. In this case, the client contacts the laboratory and after a discussion of the problem an estimate of cost for the analysis is provided. Results of the sample analysis are provided by email within 5 days of receipt of the sample(s). A final detailed report is then provided within two weeks of receiving the samples. This method is favorable for short term projects and quick turn-around times.

The second method is contract research and is more favorable for long term problems which may require methods or instrument development. In this case, we work closely with the client to develop a research plan, time line and negotiated cost for the project. Another example of this type of research is where clients want to justify the purchase of similar equipment for their home site.

Whatever mode is employed, we strive to give you the most professional service available. Integrity and confidentiality are never compromised.

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Contaminant Analysis

Infrared Microanalysis

Raman Microanalysis

Optical Microanalysis

Sample Preparation

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Dr. Andre J. Sommer

Molecular Microspectroscopy Laboratory

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Miami University

701 East High Street, 124 Hughes Hall

Oxford, OH 45056

Phone number 513-529-2874