MML Graduates


Undergraduate Institution

Present Position

Dr. David Schiering

Georgetown College

Vice President, Technology

Smiths Detection

Danbury, CT

Dr. Patty Lang

Ball State University

Professor and former Chair

Ball State University

Department of Chemistry

Muncie, IN

Dr. Philip T. McKittrick

Bradley University

Manager, Chemical Hygiene and Safety

Nalco Company

Naperville, IL

Ms. Deborah Morris (M.S.)

Berea College

ESH Regional Manager

Rockwell Collins

Cedar Rapids, IA

Dr. Pamela Smith

Illinois Wesleyan University

Senior Research Director

Aptuit SSCI

West Lafayette, IN

Dr. Stephen Buoffard

Loyola Marymount University

Senior Product Specialist for Spectroscopy

Agilent Technologies

Muscatine, IA

Ms. Lori Pyska

Shepherd University

Senior Technical Instructor

Chemistry Technician Training Program

Constellation Nuclear Energy Group,LLC

Dr. Louis G. Tisinger

Wright State University

Thermal Analysis Product Specialist

Perkin Elmer

Oak Brook, IL

Dr. Brian Patterson

University of Toledo

Scientist and Team Leader

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos, NM

Dr. Jennifer Anderson



Comprehensive Material Resources

Washington, D.C.

Dr. Adam Lanzarotta

Eastern Kentucky University


FDA Forensic Chemistry Center

Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Heather Gulley-Stahl

Northern Kentucky University

Analytical Chemist

Lexmark International, Inc.

Lexington, KY

Dr. Willie Tran

Loyola Chicago

Scientist IV

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco

Greensboro, NC

Dr. Craig Damin

Ball State University

Postdoctoral Scientist

Iowa State University

Ames, IA

Dr. Chen Ling

University of Science and Technology of China

Analytical Chemist

Axalta Coating Systems

Mt. Clemens, MI