The Molecular Microspectroscopy has a wide variety of optical, infrared and Raman microscopes with which sample analyses can be conducted. Our two workhorse systems include a Perkin Elmer Spotlight 300 Infrared Imaging Microscope and a Renishaw In-Via Raman Microscope. Should your samples present special circumstances we can easily modify these systems or design new systems with in house components to conduct microspectroscopy from the far-infrared to the UV region of the electromagnetic spectrum.


The Perkin-Elmer Spectrum Spotlight 300 infrared imaging microscope is a fully integrated system, which can be employed in both array and single point detector imaging modes. The array detector provides a useful spectral range of 7800 to 720 cm-1, while the point detector affords a range of 7800 to 580 cm-1. Transmission, reflection and ATR spectra and images can be collected with pixel resolutions ranging from 1.56 m up to 25 m. Please check out our research section for recent applications conducted with this instrument.

The Renishaw In-Via Raman microscope is a relatively new addition to the laboratory. The system features both 632 nm and 785 nm excitation. Although designed as a microscope, we have recently adapted the system to function in stand-off , macro and ATR sampling modes. Please check out our research section for recent applications conducted with this instrument.

The Perkin Elmer FT-Raman microscope is an alternative for those samples exhibiting fluorescence. The microscope designed in collaboration with Perkin Elmer has a spatial resolution (x,y) of 4 m. The system employs a 1 watt diode pumped ND/YAG laser for excitation and a high sensitivity InGaAs detector. In addition to microsampling, Raman spectra of macro samples can be obtained in either the 90 or 180 degree scattering geometries.

The base interferometer is a Perkin Elmer Spectrum 2000 that can be configured to conduct far, mid and near infrared spectroscopy using wide variety of sampling modes (e.g. transmission, reflection, ATR)